Video Conferencing Issues- sorted out!

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Online Communication has become an essential part of our lives and some Video Conferencing solutions have been aiding so many small as well as huge sectors to conduct Meetings, Seminars, Webinars, Classes, Online sales, and much more. Only a handful have been open to studying the issues faced by their user population. This piece of work is intended to convey the best solution to overcome a few disadvantages associated with Video Conferencing.

Issues of Internet Connectivity

As every sector is moving towards remote-based collaboration, online communication, especially Video Conferences have become an essential part of our day-to-day lives. But ‘Internet for all’ can become a little messy, at times! People who are on travel have been facing Internet Connectivity Issues while conferencing. Not every child can attend his/her online classes regularly. 

Another major problem that people face during a Video Conference is insufficient Data. People who involve in a very important discussion might find it critical when they have utilized their daily limits of Data Usage. This might be a major issue when the cause of the conference is highly crucial. Such issues have been dealt with, thanks to the Modern-day technology! The solution to these issues is just making a phone call to connect to the conference. Yes! By just making a phone call to the allocated phone number, any number of participants, who have difficulty in joining the Video conference, could join any moment! And also the members who get disconnected from the Online conference, could join the conference, the next moment, with the help of this data-saving option. 

Solution-providers we trust

The above complexities can be rectified with the help of the Phoneline facility. Solution Providers like LiveBox and Zoom provide you the option to integrate Phoneline with your Video Conference so that people who do not have a proper Internet facility or Smart gadgets, are given the option to join your conference by just calling the provided Phone Number. While this feature is available at a paid subscription, we suggest LiveBox as the best affordable service provider. LiveBox Video Conferencing solution gives you the option to choose the kind of number you would love to integrate with your software. Either you can choose a Landline number or a Toll-free number, which is purely based on your needs and demands. It is easy, indeed!

Software Preference

Zoom demands you to download and install the application to make a Video call, whereas LiveBox enables you to share the link to your conference by clicking which, any number of participants could join the conference. LiveBox also provides you the facility to create a Mobile Application for your conferences. With LiveBox, you can also schedule your conferences and set reminders. LiveBox also provides you with so many options to choose from! Every feature is oriented towards enriching the user-experience!

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