Top 10 checklist for your live streaming server

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Get to know the Top 10 Checklist for your LIVE STREAMING server

 – straight from the Desk of the technology experts

 We tried a couple of live streaming services and here’s the top 10 checklist we made based on our experience.

To understand the importance of choosing a good live streaming server,you need to get to know the top 10 checklist.

  1. Are you able to create multiple channels? It’s your very own server so you should be able to create multiple live streams and channels quickly and easily on your own without the need for technical expertise. Does your streaming server support this?
  2. What’s your server’s internet speed? The internet connected to the Streaming Server plays a very important Role. The Higher the Internet Speed on the Server – the better is the video transmission and It can support more number of simultaneous viewers . A 1000Mbps Internet connection may support at least around 1000 simultaneous viewers to watch full HD streams at one Mbps per viewer.
  3. Does your live streaming server support fail-over and CDN chaining? A Multi-CDN facility is required to handle situations for failover and a CDN chaining features enables you to chain multiple servers and build your own CDN at the same price of buying a shared cdn.
  4. Is your streaming server scalable? Get a streaming server that can be easily expanded over the cloud on demand for the most demanding workloads ie high concurrent viewer traffic.
  5. Is your streaming server shared? A Shared Streaming Solution is provided by sharing a single streaming server among many clients. In a shared streaming server, users will not have the freedom to check the speed of the actual internet connected to their own server. Make sure that you don’t pay a high amount for a shared live streaming service to experience buffering when other clients use the same server.
  6. Is it claimed that you’re provided with Unlimited bandwidth? Watch out for such offers. Check if you see buffering during high traffic for your live event. Most providers who claim to provide unlimited bandwidth throttle the internet connection speed or restrict the number of viewers. Some service providers even cancel the service without intimation if they find out that your usage is higher than normal.
  7. Does your streaming server support transcoding? In today’s world, transcoding is a fundamental requirement whenever you need to stream live. A good live streaming server must support transcoding features for smooth delivery of your live video content. At the least, it should support Multi-bitrate streaming.
  8. Does your streaming server allow you to seamlessly distribute your content to multiple social media platforms? This is the most important point since social media is the main medium to distribute your content all over the internet.
  9. Does your live streaming server allow you to run automated playout and host video sites? This is another value add offered by reputed live streaming servers.
  10. Does your streaming server allow you to customize the player, integrate with security cameras, provide IPTV features and automate encoding tasks? These are basic features that are required for any professional live streaming server.

If you don’t see atleast 90% of the features mentioned above, you’re most probably using a shared live streaming solution. For professional live streaming, it is recommended to get a dedicated live streaming server such as Livebox . We recommend Livebox as we use it within our studio to broadcast news and events over the air regularly and it’s quick to setup plus extremely easy to use compared to any other solution that we have used in the past.

To get the best Live Streaming Server – look for Some of the following with features:

  1. Dedicated Internet Connected to the Server
  2. upload and download speed of the connection is not less than 1000Mbps.
  3. Bandwidth Usage minimum 8000GB per month
  4. Transcoding Facilities
  5. Multibit rate Streaming
  6. OTT Facilities
  7. White Label Video Player
  8. Dedicated Control Panel
  9. Video Player with controls
  10. Android Streaming Apps
  11. Video Player Apps
  12. Push & broadcast to Multiple Social Media
  13. Built-in Storage of GB on super speed digital hard disk
  14. Video Conferencing Software
  15. Playout, Mixing and Streaming Software,
  16. Website Making Software
  17. Live Text Chat
  18. Domain Restriction
  19. IP Restriction
  20. In-built transcoder
  21. In-built encoder
  22. In-built video conferencing / Low latency streaming
  23. Cloud playout


Oh and Finally,don’t forget to check the Cost per month

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