The feature rich live streaming server that was ever launched

Particular distant video recipient to integrate with Tv
UNIQUE Attributes: Live streaming server is an ALL IN 1 Television streaming system. It’s high in performance and could defy over thousands of customers in low server settings. live streaming platform is likely since the underlying core of the streaming server is exceptionally lightweight. White branded IP-TV WIth Streaming engine, you can create unlimited online streaming channels and it comes incorporated with IP-TV and client administration.
live transcoding server , Category and subscription management
Can it be Live Streaming Server costly,complicated, swollen, sluggish and only supports couple customers per server? Live streaming live video streaming software is sold with incomparably serious low-latency.

Uses less resources,Costs significantly much less and allows you to gain greater. Live movie recording. Supports VR & 360 degree Movie streaming All of us can assist you radically reduce your running charges. We’re guaranteed to help you acquire your fees lower by atleast 50% which usually means you simply get to get 50 percent more compared to before. Take the minimal Latency battle for the live stream. Contact us at…

What should you really get with Live streaming service?
White labeled Android encoding app

White branded committed video streaming server with controller panel
Lightweight server That Could manage several concurrent streamers and audiences MUlti-CDN to design your own very own connected CDN network in a few clicks.
Ultra powerful and fast transcoding DIstribute LIve content to Face-book, YouTube, Periscope along with 100+ additional service providers White branded distant video recorders Built-In speedtest integration
Constructed Anti-DDOS and security functions Introducing Video streaming service high performance Media Server! Provide streaming transcoding server at lower expenses.

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