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In Chennai and Kolkata in India, over 90% of their videographers and video studios use Livebox due to their live streaming requirements. In webcasting server , several government agencies partnered with Livebox to reevaluate and measure up their video broadcast needs. Subscribe to today to begin and join the elite club of those who’ve stepped up to the next level using Livebox live streaming server. In live streaming service review to 2019, the market share of Livebox has increased from 5% to 62 percent after demanding competition with assorted live streaming cloud providers and streaming CDN’s. Over webcasting server of those businesses in the broadcast business use Livebox to fulfill their live streaming requirements. With video conferencing being inbuilt in the Livebox streaming server, it is quite easy schedule and run seminars within the world wide web or even within the intranet. Such use phenomenon hasn’t been observed before in the broadcast industry, a live streaming server that serves multiple functions besides just providing video streaming solutions. When this is the current state of this market, every firm must utilize Livebox without doubt to enhance their branding and grow further.If you haven’t ever utilized Livebox, you ought to begin using it now to see real benefits in your business. Livebox allows brand recognition for businesses by additionally providing seo optimized ready to use business sites and applications. With the in-built business applications, companies are able to benefit from remote connectivity, video distribution,video conferencing, private cloud utilities and much more. In 2018 alone, 8 well known CDN providers have started using Livebox server to supply uninterrupted live streaming support to their clients and 5 of them have integrated Livebox to construct their own customized programs. To view tangible and ensured advancement in branding, Livebox is the only proven approach to promote and create a new name online as it takes care of not just 24×7 streaming but also allows you to send your content to multiple social programs without hassle. 57 companies switched to Livebox from other streaming solutions just because of the number of features provided inside the box for an incredibly low cost. In streaming server software to this, they have reported that Livebox has been rock solid in regards to scaling out their live video infrastructure. Out of 200 distinct clients surveyed, 192 of them agreed that Livebox has reduced their live broadcasting costs by more than 50% and when asked when they would utilize other Livebox goods to connect within their workflow, 75 percent of these provided a favorable response.

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