How to stream your Video Conference by just a click?

Video conferencing has been the most popular and powerful tool since the invasion of CoVid-19. Educational institutions and Educators have been highly benefitted by this facility as most of the learning systems work remotely because the environment is not conducive for physical learning platforms to operate! 

Remote Learning using Video conferencing

Some of the Vocational courses are being conducted on a weekly basis and the learners find it comfortable to attend multiple classes from their homes without the need to travel long distances. This has also aided the Educators to reach out to more learners who share the passion for learning their area of expertise. Some of the Entrepreneurs have come forward to showcase their talents and this remote platform has helped them to establish their Online Academies! 

Why do you need Video Conference-Streaming?

Sometimes there arise situations where you will require only a few participants to attend the meeting or discussion and you may want it to be seen by more audiences. More than just Video Conferencing where all the participants are present online, it will be enriching to stream the Conference to all the audiences so that it will be more like a Webinar. We have come across certain cases where the Video Quality gets disturbed when the number of participants increases. Not all the participants will be required to take part in the discussion. We might need people to be silent listeners and we might need only a few to take part in the discussion. 

What if Streaming is an additional option that will enable you to think beyond limits?  

What if you are allowed to stream your conference over your social media? 

Yes! We prefer Livebox which has been ranked as the best reliable and affordable Video Conferencing/ Streaming solution provider. Livebox has given the option to stream the Video Conference to multiple members. They also have the option to share the screen or YouTube videos to make the interpersonal communication more entertaining and enlightening. You also get the option to record the conference. 

Here is the link to Livebox if you would like to sign up!

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