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Every Sector is moving online! All the Corporates conduct their Online meetings though the employees dwell nearby. Schools are indefinitely shut and teachers are conducting online classes, though the children make use of the classes to have fun. Doctors, as they are on the verge of consulting and taking immediate decisions to combat the existing crisis, move on to discussion through online platforms. As the Government has announced the banning of Chinese Applications, eyes have been turned in for Indian-based applications. And what we are more intrigued about is… Video conferencing software that are surfing the market today. As everyone’s daily routine comprises of some kinda Video conferencing activity, we have found out a few pluses as well as minuses that people are speaking about after fixing up with particular software.


Internet Connectivity

As everybody is using the Internet while staying at home, there arises Internet Fluctuation that interrupts the important conference. A few software have a built-in adaptive bitrate transmission as in the LiveBox Video Conferencing solution. Software like Zoom disconnects you abruptly but after a few seconds duration, it enables auto-logging. But we like it better if the disconnecting part is wielded properly.


Sharing Presentation

Sharing the Screen or Presenting with an application is mandatory as it serves the purpose of better perception as well as improved attention. But sharing has become another greater struggle when people try with a few apps like Google Meet as the Presenter will not be seen as well as will not be able to see the chatbox of the participants while sharing their Screen. But Video Conferencing software solution from LiveBox has an amazing three-way sharing facility, which will give you the option to share either your entire screen or your application or just a Chrome Tab. Another bonus is that the video of the Presenter is visible and the Presenter can also see the chats as well as answer them while the people can still watch both the presentation as well as the Presenter. This feature is greatly beneficial while sharing an application. It also supports sharing a YouTube video and this feature has been found highly useful by the teachers for sharing enlightening videos while handling online classes.


Storage and User-friendly Interface

A major drawback is the storage space the Video Conferencing apps occupy. Some apps consume a lot of space and we cannot expect every user to have a lot of memory space to hold a single app. LiveBox Video Conferencing enables you to connect only with the link using your browser while it is not at all necessary to download huge applications saving time and space. User Interface is another quite neglected topic. Not all Video Conferencing software is the same and it is wise to try them out. 



And our suggestion to our readers is to try out before signing up with a single popular solution. There are plenty of solutions available now and it is wise to try for yourself. 

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