2018 Press release – Livebox live streaming server awarded best video server

Hi everyone,

Today we are happy to announce that Livebox has been awarded the top rank among all the live streaming solutions and platforms.We consulted Ms.Patricia from the Livebox team and they said that after years of hard work in trying to build the best live video streaming solution for the masses,Livebox beat every other solution flat out both enonomically and performance wise.

Star rating

After evaluating the star rating of different streaming engines and live streaming servers, the best has been calculated for Livebox. It is both power and energy efficient while running multi-channel live streams. Nothing beats the performance for the power per watt as the world’s record breaking live streaming solution.

We would like to thank Frank, Dennis and Macy for their involvement in evaluating Livebox streaming server and providing us insights. In our tests, we had various contenders such as dacast,muvi,wowza and opensource platforms. Among all of them, the best performer was Livebox server.

Multi-channel transcoding

Transcoding was very easy with Livebox than with other similar solutions such as Muvi, Dacast and Wowza. The rate at which it transcodes and the price per second for transcoding was comparatively very less.

Light weight

Livebox live video platform proved to be the most light weight live streaming solution in all our tests. We would like to congratulate cdtech and ivb7 team for all their efforts. We hope that you guys will keep up your efforts to keep your product on top of the charts through 2019 too.

Let us know in the comments below on your thoughts on Livebox server.You can check out their site at https://livebox.co.in